We're an award-winning creative studio, collaborating with outstanding influencers, storytellers and artists, to create amazing pop-cultural narratives in emerging digital formats.

Built-in Audience

Via our daily nerd-culture show Super News Live and its social followers we reach over 20 million pop culture fans and their distinct passions points: from Comic Con to eSports, from Cosplay to video games and from collectibles to fan fashion.

Fan Connection

It is this fan connection that not only allows us to bring distribution and audience awareness to the table but that has also sharpened our tool set when it comes to creating scripted, animated and unscripted shows that fans really care about

Digital Talent

Creators Studio is the LA-based production studio of global Webedia Group. Webedia has one of the largest influencer networks worldwide with 3BlackDot in the US, Talentweb in France, Digitalstars in Brazil and Vizz Agency in Spain. We have some of the world’s biggest youtubers and social media influencers in our network.