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Cults and Conspiracies


To celebrate and promote season 2 of The Path on Hulu, we tapped into Movie Pilot's extensive horror fan base and utilized the real life horror of cults to reach a new audience. We created a first-of-its-kind 6-part Facebook Live mini-docu series called Cults & Conspiracies.

The television-style series took fans on a journey to explore the weirdest cults in American history, uncovering the unknown secrets of Jonestown, Children of God, Buddhafield, the Freemasons, and many more. ​With the help of our special guests, including former cult members, cult psychologists and cult experts, we dove into the conspiracies of how cults have impacted our culture and cultural leaders—tapping into a far-reaching audience and positioning The Path as the show for fans who are fascinated by cults!

Our unique use of  Facebook Live gave our fans the ability  to actively engage, not just with the show, but the conspiracy investigation itself by sending in questions to guests.

In addition to the Facebook Live series, we supported the campaign through with a custom Fanzine focusing on some of the most famous cults in history, social promotion, site-wide takeovers, and rotational media.