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Celebrating the exclusive release of The Powerpuff Girls on Hulu, we partnered together to launch a campaign that would ignite a relationship between these animated superheroes and the young heroes of our own world.

We took to the road to find our own Powerpuff Girls and highlight the incredible things they’re doing across the country. From aspiring astronauts to coders, budding entrepreneurs and eco activists, we unearthed real-life superheroes and documented their stories for our far-reaching social network to see and share.

With the launch of our mini-docu series, we called on our audience to participate by sharing the stories of their own sisters, daughters, nieces and friends who are the real-life Powerpuff Girls in their lives and community. Finally, we lauded 100 local LA heroes at our Powerpuff Day in Santa Monica, California. Girls around the city gathered to celebrate each other and participate in workshops in science, illustration and dance.