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Sony Sundays


Sony Pictures has brought fans some of the greatest films in history. We wanted to leverage our existing fan base to help elevate the relevancy of of Sony by showcasing their biggest hits from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.

Each week our energetic hosts Joe and Phill discussed all things entertainment on a live Facebook broadcast that was brought to fans by Sony. Their witty banter covers everything from the biggest upcoming releases, interviews of hollywood insiders from the likes of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter director Paul W.S. Anderson to fan theories.

In addition our community and editorial teams activated passionate fans to write articles, create fan art and publish original videos all focused on their love for Sony’s properties from Labyrinth and The Karate Kid to Sausage Party and Resident Evil.

The nostalgic nature of the program truly engages fans desires for the past and invigorates excitement about future franchise projects.