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Super News Day

Power Hour Campaign


We elevated awareness and celebrated the release of Power Rangers by fully integrating it into our existing Super News lineup of shows that our passionate fanboy/girl audience already loves and regularly tunes in for. “Power Hour” went live on Facebook an hour a day for five days straight. By playing off the 90’s nostalgia for the iconic TV show, we highlighted the heart, humor and fun of the franchise to differentiate it from its competition.

The original “Power Rangers” had a huge and dedicated following. It was our mission to activate the excitement from the franchise’s original fans and broaden the audience by attracting new ones. Each show was designed to appeal to a unique aspect of the “Power Rangers” that we knew our fans would love.

Our hosts reached hundreds of thousands of fans by broadcasting fan theories and favorite moments, playing “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” the video game, exploring the “Power Rangers” universe through VR and transforming an influencer into super villain - Rita. Our editorial team created and curated articles that tied the new franchise back to the original show.

Once we triggered excitement we surprised our fans with the release of a never before seen sneak-peek clip. And fans were ecstatic. The clip reached close to 2 million social impressions and over a million views. And our “Power Ranger” Facebook page takeover was seen by millions.

To wrap up the week long event we published a digital Fanzine featuring original fan art and articles.