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We ignite and amplify fandom

Millennial pop culture is created from the bottom up, by the fans. Our mission is to enable our creators to passionately talk about what they love and have that content amplified through the power of social. Whether it be movies, video games, or sports, we believe fans are the evangelists of the future and we're here to empower them.


Building the first fan-centric media company is an open platform where pop culture fans can create beautiful and engaging content to be shared through our publishing brands. With over 50,000 creators signed up, fans are able to share their passionate opinions through news, fan theories and in​-​depth coverage, while becoming a welcome member of our ever-growing community.


Making modern magazines with fans

The top content from our platform is curated to our publication brands and distributed through their social channels. This is how we amplify our passionate community of creators to tens of millions of fans.


Movie Pilot is a next-gen digital entertainment magazine with more than 15 million monthly visitors and over 30 million social followers, having quickly become one of the biggest entertainment publishers in the US. Working closely with major and independent studios to ignite and amplify the conversations around upcoming movies and tv shows, Movie Pilot is a leader in understanding the rise of fan culture as it relates to movies and television. →

Now Loading is an entertainment fan site covering the biggest and best in gaming. It is a multi-faceted digital magazine filled with amazing stories about the most beloved games, told by the people who can't stop talking about them. Now Loading digs deeper than just the surface material, delving into deep, compelling conversations about the vast universe of gaming.


Champions is ushering in a new era of coverage on UFC fighting. In a world where fighters are judged for the physicality and aggressiveness of their jobs, Champions has created a positive environment to discuss the MMA universe for what the fans love, not hate. Via the Creators Platform, Champions has become a place for numerous UFC fighters to write and share their thoughts on hot topics and their own fandoms within the sport. →

Super News is a new live video brand from Creators Media that broadcasts live on Facebook and produces shows for Instagram and Snapchat. From Star Wars to Superheroes, and Gaming to SFX makeup, we're creating a roster of shows where talented and passionate hosts discuss their fandoms to fans all over the US. The LA Times called it “CNN for nerds”. →

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+115 employees between Berlin and Los Angeles!

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